Shawnee Town 1929 Town Hall Facility Improvements Project
Name Shawnee Town 1929 Town Hall Facility Improvements Project
Date Updated 03-04-2020
Contact Brian Dailey
Project Status Construction
Description The Town Hall facility located at Shawnee Town 1929 is one of the City's premier rental facilities and is reserved almost every weekend and many times throughout the week.  The facility is in such high demand that reservations are allowed up to 18 months in advance. The facility can seat up to 240 people and the kitchen currently has three refrigerators, two stoves with ovens, microwave, and an automatic ice machine.  Staff have reserved January 2020 for the duration of this project.  This specific time was reserved so it will have the least impact to the operation of the facility and its associated revenues from reservations. In 2018, Town Hall received $90,732.50 in rental revenue. 
Status Details Due to the high usage of this facility, staff have programmed 2020 for upgrades to the Town Hall facility.  This project consists of the replacement of the hardwood flooring in the Town Hall ballroom, linoleum flooring in the kitchen, maintenance to the tile flooring in the hallways, along with ADA upgrades and updates to electrical, plumbing, and appliances in the kitchen.
Construction began on Feb 4 and was completed on Feb 28.
Contact Phone (913) 742-6311
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This Is a City Project
Number 3495
This Is a Capital Improvement Project
Project Category Parks & Facilities
Design Firm The Clark Enersen Partners
Construction Contract TBD
Inspection Firm In-House
Start Date 09-01-2019
Estimated End Date 02-14-2020
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