Mill Valley HS - Gym & Theater Addition, Fieldhouse
Name Mill Valley HS - Gym & Theater Addition, Fieldhouse
Date Updated 09-08-2020
Contact Stephanie Malmborg
Project Status Construction
Description On February 20, 2019, the applicant received site plan approval to construct additions to the existing Mill Valley High School site totaling 59,813 square feet. This project includes a 28,279 square foot gymnasium addition (A) on the northeast side of the building, a 20,971 square foot theater addition on the southeast side of the building (B), and two (2) fieldhouse structures connected by a new scoreboard totaling 10,563 square feet at the south end of the football stadium field (C). The project scope also includes new landscaping near the building additions and replacement of dead/missing landscaping throughout the site and various interior renovations. All new construction will match the existing materials and compliment the architecture of the existing building.
Status Details The project is under construction at this time.  
Contact Phone 913-742-6225
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This Is a City Project
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