2021 Bridge Repair Program
Name 2021 Bridge Repair Program
Date Updated 06-01-2022
Contact Riley McMullin
Project Status Construction
Description Repairs to various Bridges/Structures within the City Limits.  Includes concrete repairs, silt removal, tree removals, polymer overlay, and other miscellaneous repairs.
Status Details Wildcat Construction will be back to work on bridges 15 and 16 to finish the remaining work that was unable to be completed before the winter.
Contact Phone 913-742-6224
Contact Email rmcmullin@cityofshawnee.org
This Is a City Project
Number 3532
This Is a Capital Improvement Project
Project Category Bridge Improvements
Design Firm Lochner
Construction Contract Wildcat Construction
Inspection Firm Lochner
Start Date 09-01-2021
Estimated End Date 06-10-2022
Budget Information
As of Jun 2 2022
Current Budget $850,000.00
Current Commitments $816,816.00
Paid-to-Date $436,412.00
Percentage Paid 53%
Project Files
File Name
3532_Shawnee 2021 Bridge Repairs_Sealed Plans 2021_08_06.pdf
Project Images
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