Enclave of Mill Creek - 15625 Midland Drive
Name Enclave of Mill Creek - 15625 Midland Drive
Date Updated 07-12-2023
Contact Mark Zielsdorf
Project Status Construction
Description PUD-01-20-02, FP-17-20-08; The Applicant proposes to construct a new multi-family development in the 15600 block of Midland Drive on approximately 9.4 acres. The Applicant seeks approval of a Rezoning and Development Plan. The rezoning request is from RS (Residential Suburban), RE (Residential Estates), and AG (Agricultural) to PUDMR (Planned Unit Development Mixed Residential). The proposed Development Plan includes 30 residential units in 6 four-plex buildings and 3 duplex buildings.
Status Details This project was approved at the Planning Commission (Public Hearing for Rezoning and Development Plan) - 02/19/2020
City Council (Rezoning and Development Plan) - 03/09/2020
Planning Commission (Final Plat) - 09/21/2020
City Council (Final Plat) - 10/12/2020

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Contact Email mzielsdorf@cityofshawnee.org
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Project Files
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Enclave at Mill Creek FP - Plan Set.pdf
Enclave at Mill Creek FP - Staff Report.pdf
Enclave at Mill Creek Storm As-builts.pdf
Enclave at Mill Creek Street As-builts.pdf
The Enclave of Mill Creek Applicant's Project Narrative.pdf
The Enclave of Mill Creek Staff Report.pdf
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Enclave at Millcreek.jpg