Meadowlark Apartments - 7345 Hedge Lane Terrace
Name Meadowlark Apartments - 7345 Hedge Lane Terrace
Date Updated 09-07-2023
Contact Lauren Grashoff
Project Status Construction
Description RSP21-000007; Construct a multi-family residential development consisting of 144 dwelling units on 7.04 acres. located at 7405 Hedge Lane Terrace. The governing Body approved the Rezoning and Development Plan for this development project in November of 1999. The applicant seeks approval of a Revised Site Plan for this portion of the development, but the proposed plan is till within the overall parameters of the original approval.
Status Details This project was approved at the Planning Commission meeting on Monday, June 21, 2021 at 7:30pm.
Contact Phone 913-742-6226
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This Is a City Project
Project Files
File Name
Meadowlark Apartments . Applicants Project Narrative.pdf
Meadowlark Apartments . Plan Set.pdf
Meadowlark Apartments . Staff Report.pdf
Meadowlark Apartments Final Approved Plans 05.02.2022.pdf
Project Images
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Meadowlark Apts at 75th.jpg
Meadowlark Apts.jpg