2019 Streambank Stabilization Project
Name 2019 Streambank Stabilization Project
Date Updated 05-27-2020
Contact Cynthia Moeller-Krass, P.E.
Project Status Construction
Description Three streambank stabilization projects are required to protect or restore infrastructure that is threatened by significant erosion or meandering streambank channels.  Significant streambank erosion repairs at three locations – 6910 Albervan, 7204 Oakview and 18601 Midland were initially planned to be completed by Public Works Operations staff.  Due to the extreme wet weather this year, U.S. Army Corps of Engineering (USACE) permitting,  and staffing levels and purchase manual procedures, these three projects have been bundled to be bid for construction. In addition, an alternate was bid on the project to install a swale on city property below a steep slope that is washing significant amount of sediment into a neighboring resident’s yard at 7213 Oakview.

The project includes stabilizing a side channel to the Little Mill Creek that is threatening a driveway and Midland Drive, constructing a retaining wall where the meandering stream has taken out a privacy fence and is threatening utilities, and a bank toe stabilization project where a storm drainage pipe has been severely undercut. Since these issues were  initially identified between 3-6 years ago, staff would like to see these resolved before they grow even more expensive and threaten or destroy even more infrastructure.

The Project includes installation of approximately 260  SY of  riprap, 670 SFF of retaining wall, and associated driveway, fence and turf restoration. 
Status Details Construction Bids were opened on 11-5-2019. Construction Award is on the 12/12/2019 City Council Agenda. Construction is scheduled to take 90-days overall and allowed construction time at each of the smaller locations must be completed in 21-days. 

2/24/20 UPDATE:  The contractor started working on this project on 1/31/20.  The work at 6910 Albervan is substantially complete. 

3/24/20 UPDATE: The contractor has substantially completed the work behind 7213 Oakview, the area will be seeded and sodded as soon as sod is available.

4/24/20 UPDATE:  The contractor has substantially completed the work behind 7204 Oakview. Seed, sod and fencing are the final items to be completed at this location. 

18601 Midland - This project has been ongoing for approximately 2 weeks. The contractor has cleared, grubbed and regraded the creek channel on the south side of Midland. They have installed  75% of the streambank rip rap.
5/27/20 UPDATE:  The contractor completed the project on 5/15/20.  All four project locations are done.
* 6910 Albervan - Creek bank stabilization
* 7213 Oakview - Creek bank stablization
* 7204 Oakview - Hillside stabilization
* 18601 Midland - Creek bank stabilization
Contact Phone 913-742-6236
Contact Email cmoeller-krass@cityofshawnee.org
This Is a City Project
Number 3492
This Is a Capital Improvement Project
Project Category Drainage Improvements
Design Firm Olsson
Construction Contract Wiedenmann, Inc. 
Inspection Firm City Staff
Start Date 01-13-2020
Estimated End Date 04-13-2020
Budget Information
As of Jun 3 2020
Current Budget $231,922.32
Current Commitments $231,922.32
Paid-to-Date $82,232.00
Percentage Paid 35%
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