KinderCare at Johnson & Woodsonia
Name KinderCare at Johnson & Woodsonia
Date Updated 12-11-2019
Contact Stephanie Malmborg
Project Status Construction
Description The Applicant proposes to subdivide an existing parcel to create two (2) new lots that will accommodate a one-story daycare facility 11,992 square feet in size on Lot 1 and leave a 0.93 acre site available for future development on Lot 2. The Applicant requests rezoning from PUDMR to PO, approval of a Final Plat, and approval of the Site Plan for Lot 1 (KinderCare). 
Status Details The Planning Commission approved the Site Plan and recommended approval of the Final Plat and Rezoning  on 04/15/2019. The City Council approved the Final Plat and Rezoning on 05/13/2019.

The Applicant submitted for a building permit and plans for construction are approved as of 12/11/2019.
Contact Phone 913-742-6225
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KinderCare Staff Report.pdf
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