Seven Hills Lake Culvert and Stormwater Pipe Repair
Name Seven Hills Lake Culvert and Stormwater Pipe Repair
Date Updated 05-05-2020
Contact Cynthia Moeller-Krass
Project Status Construction
Description Main project is replacement of failed 96’ x 144” CMP and addition of a new junction box at Lenexa City Limit and reconstruction of outfall structure at lake. In addition, repairs of nine nearby smaller corrugated metal pipes (CMP) via replacement or lining are needed. 
Status Details The construction contract was awarded to Rodriguez Mechanical Contractors. The lake is to be lowered by 11/8/2019 and construction is to start the week of 11/11/2019. The project is scheduled to be completed by 3/1/2020. Replacement of the large pipe during winter low flows should limit rain delays during construction.

Update 3/4/2019: Utilities are replacing their temporary lines, RMC will be doing punchlist items next week. Outstanding work is final landscaping and sod restoration.

Update 5/3/2020: Punchlist items are complete. 
Contact Phone 913-742-6236
Contact Email
This Is a City Project
Number 3461
This Is a Capital Improvement Project
Project Category Drainage Improvements
Design Firm Walter P. Moore Associates
Construction Contract Rodriguez Mechanical Contractors
Inspection Firm Walter P. Moore
Start Date 11-05-2018
Estimated End Date 04-17-2020
Budget Information
As of Jun 3 2020
Current Budget $690,000.00
Current Commitments $585,306.71
Paid-to-Date $553,442.00
Percentage Paid 94%
Project Notices
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Prelim Plans Meeting invite_05312019.pdf
2019-06-09 Seven Hills Lake Preliminary Plans.pdf
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