Evergy (Westar Substation) - 24000 Block of W. 63rd Street
Name Evergy (Westar Substation) - 24000 Block of W. 63rd Street
Date Updated 09-13-2023
Contact Doug Allmon
Project Status Approved
Description Westar received site plan approval for construction of a replacement electrical substation in the 24000 Block of W. 63rd Street (west side of Gleason, just west of the existing substation) at the June 4, 2018 Planning Commission meeting.

The subject property is made up of several un-platted parcels that contain 58.97 acres in total.  The substation compound will be approximately 4.1 acres in size, and the remaining ground will be held until easement locations for incoming and outgoing transmission lines are determined. Once these easement locations are finalized, the surrounding vacant ground can be placed back on the market for development. The existing Paragon Substation directly east will be dismantled and returned to a native condition. The compound for the new substation will be enclosed by a solid masonry wall that will be approximately nine (9) feet in height. The beige, precast concrete wall will be constructed with a pressed stacked stone finish.  This is similar to the wall that surrounds the Monticello substation at 8250 McCoy.

Equipment pads planned for the site will include an rectangular electrical buss and switching arrays that are 22’ to 27’ in height.  Each array is outfitted with a transformer that is approximately 25’ in height. Each array will be anchored with a steel “dead-end” pole. The poles will project above the security wall approximately 60 feet, which is typical for an electrical substation.  The area inside the wall measures approximately 385’ by 465’ and will be surfaced with compacted gravel.  The service driveway that connects to W. 63rd Street will be constructed of a hard surface of either asphalt or concrete.
Status Details The Applicant has not proceeded with the approved plans.
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