61st Ter & Rosehill Rd CMP Rehabilitation Project
Name: 61st Ter & Rosehill Rd CMP Rehabilitation Project
Date Updated: 06-05-2024
Contact: Riley McMullin, P.E.
Project Status: Design
Description: This project will be a rehabilitation or replacement of approximately 1,282 ft of 12-36 inch CMP located near 61st Ter and Rosehill Rd. All pipes and structures are considered eligible for County SMP cost sharing.
Status Details: Final design was approved by Council. Bidding for the project will start at the beginning of May
Contact Phone: 913-742-6224
Contact Email: rmcmullin@cityofshawnee.org
This Is a City Project:
Number: 3575
This Is a Capital Improvement Project:
Project Category: Drainage Improvements
Design Firm: CDM Smith
Construction Contract: TBD
Inspection Firm: TBD
Start Date: 03-25-2024
Estimated End Date: 10-28-2024
Budget Information
As of Jun 10 2024
Current Budget $1,200,853.00
Current Commitments $214,340.00
Paid-to-Date $61,366.00
Percentage Paid 28%
Project Files
File Name
W 61st Ter & Rosehill Road Storm Drainage Improvements_Final Plans_2024.02.28.pdf
Project Images
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