6000 Nieman Emergency RCB Replacement
Name: 6000 Nieman Emergency RCB Replacement
Date Updated: 04-09-2024
Contact: Cynthia Moeller-Krass, P.E.
Project Status: Construction
Description: A 5'x5' Reinforced Concrete Box (RCB) that conveys stormwater installed along the former alley west of 6000 Nieman developed a sinkhole in June. Inspection of the RCB determined the ceiling is failing.  An emergency replacement of this RCB is necessary to maintain access to the 60 West Apartments and associated trash dumpsters. 
Status Details: Olsson has completed plans for emergency replacement of the 5'x5' RCB.

The project was awarded to Wiedenmann Inc., on October 9, 2023, in the amount of $ 551,278.00.

The Notice to Proceed for this project was issued on February 19, 2024.

02/23/24 - Contractor began mobilizing for this project.

03/14/24 - Contractor is approximately 25% complete with this project. There are delays due to relocation of electric service lines.

04/09/24 - Contractor is approximately 90% complete with this project. Final paving and restoration still needs to be complete.

Contact Phone: 913-742-6236
Contact Email: cmoeller-krass@cityofshawnee.org
This Is a City Project:
Number: 3582
This Is a Capital Improvement Project:
Project Category: Drainage Improvements
Design Firm: Olsson
Construction Contract: TBD
Inspection Firm: Olsson
Start Date: 08-28-2023
Estimated End Date: 12-29-2023
Budget Information
As of May 1 2024
Current Budget $790,000.00
Current Commitments $641,758.00
Paid-to-Date $551,278.00
Percentage Paid 85%
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