2023 Stormwater Structure Repair Project
Name 2023 Stormwater Structure Repair Project
Date Updated 05-25-2023
Contact Cynthia Moeller-Krass, P.E.
Project Status Construction
Description The Project provides for the removal and replacement or repair of twelve (12) storm structures (inlets, junction boxes, etc.) and associated site restoration. Construction will also include surface restoration including concrete curb and gutter, concrete sidewalk, concrete inlet tops, street repair, sod, and other items. These structure repair or replacement locations are at 12 locations throughout the City. See attached overall map for locations and the Workscope Chart for the planned repair at each location.

This project is to rehabilitate structures on roads that are scheduled on the 2023 Mill & Overlay project. 
Status Details Final Plans for the Structure Repair project are completed and the overall location map and structure repair workscope are attached. All work is located in right-of-ways so no property owner access agreements are necessary. Final Plan approval to bid this construction work is scheduled to be on the January 9, 2023 City Council Agenda.

5/25/23  This project is approximately 38% complete.  The below items are completed.
    S-3456 at Johnson Drive & Rosehill
    S-4146 at Midland & Maurer
Structure below structure tops are completed.
    S-3232 at 62nd Ter & Richards
    S-419  at 62nd Ter & Richards

Contact Phone 913-742-6236
Contact Email cmoeller-krass@cityofshawnee.org
This Is a City Project
Number 3569
This Is a Capital Improvement Project
Project Category Drainage Improvements
Design Firm Olsson
Construction Contract TBD
Inspection Firm City of Shawnee
Start Date 12-30-2022
Estimated End Date 07-28-2023
Budget Information
As of May 3 2023
Current Budget $0.00
Current Commitments $0.00
Paid-to-Date $0.00
Percentage Paid 0%
Project Files
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2023_Structure_Repair - Location-Map.pdf
2023_Structure_Repair - Workscope-Summary-Table.pdf
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