Gleason Road Stream Crossing
Name: Gleason Road Stream Crossing
Date Updated: 06-04-2024
Contact: Ernie Longoria, P.E., PTOE
Project Status: Construction
Description: Provide traffic analysis, flood modeling, and recommendations to widen a single lane stream crossing to two lanes.  The stream is within the City regulated floodplain, but just upstream of the FEMA floodplain.
Status Details: Work is underway.  Placing first lift of concrete for the base of the traffic barrier and bridge deck.  Remaining deck and barrier to be placed this week with paving the new bridge approaches the week of June 10th.
Contact Phone: 913-742-6312
Contact Email:
This Is a City Project:
Number: 3541
This Is a Capital Improvement Project:
Project Category: Street Improvements
Design Firm: Hg Consult
Construction Contract: WCI, Inc.
Inspection Firm: Hg Consult
Start Date: 09-15-2022
Estimated End Date: 07-05-2024
Budget Information
As of Jun 10 2024
Current Budget $878,557.25
Current Commitments $841,987.49
Paid-to-Date $426,825.00
Percentage Paid 50%
Project Files
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3541_Detour plan.pdf
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