Nieman Road Improvements - 55th to Shawnee Mission Parkway
Name Nieman Road Improvements - 55th to Shawnee Mission Parkway
Date Updated 06-15-2020
Contact Paul Lindstrom, P.E.
Project Status Construction
Description Nieman Road will be narrowed to accommodate a three lane roadway.  This will allow more green space behind the curb to install a wide recreational trail on one side and wider sidewalk on the other.  This project will also include streetscape items such as benches, landscaping, transit shelter, and other miscellaneous amentiies.  This project is included in the "Nieman Now" corridor project. 
Status Details HISTORY
The Governing Body approved a design contract with BHC Rhodes on November 14th, 2016. This project is scheduled for construction in 2018-2019.  This project will be designed in conjunction with other storm sewer projects along the corridor so there will be public meetings throughout the design process.  The corridor right of way study is attached.

A public/neighborhood meeting was held on July 20th to discuss streetscape concepts and the preliminary plans.
Preliminary plans were approved by the Governing Body at the September 11, 2017 CIty Council meeting.  The current preliminary plans and streetscape concepts are attached. The West Park, the Nieman Gateway signs, and the Scout Trail Park  will be included as bid alternates and only installed if funds are available after bidding the project. .
There was a public meeting on Feburary 7th, 2018, to present the final plans and streetscape items along Nieman Road.  The final plans were approved at the March 19, 2018 Special City Council meeting. City staff has sent out easement documents to property owners.  The agreement with KCPL to provide relocated underground power throughout the corridor was approved at the May 24, 2018 City Council meeting.
The construction phase bid on August 15, 2018 and the low bid of Amino Brothers, Kansas City, KS was approved at the September 10, 2018 City Council meeting. 

What's happening this week (6-15-20)

    Crews are working completion of irrigation, sod and planting installation. 
    Crews are continuing to install the playground equipment in the Plaza areas. 
    Crews are working on installing paver stones and pergola within the East Plaza areas
Contact Phone (913)742-6234
Contact Email
This Is a City Project
Number 3427
This Is a Capital Improvement Project
Project Category Street Improvements
Design Firm BHC
Construction Contract Amino Brothers Construction
Inspection Firm BHC
Start Date 10-29-2018
Estimated End Date 07-01-2020
Budget Information
As of Jun 3 2020
Current Budget $11,327,000.00
Current Commitments $10,247,455.10
Paid-to-Date $8,839,498.00
Percentage Paid 86%
Project Notices
File Name
Streetscape elements (2-6-18).pdf
Nieman WestPark (to be bid as an alternate) 1.11.18.pdf
Nieman Gateway (to be bid as an alternate)_1.3.18.pdf
Nieman EastPlaza Final_1.3.18.pdf
3427 Nieman Road ROW Reallocation Study (final report).pdf
Trail Scout Park Rendering.pdf
Nieman Road Construction Current Schedule (3-11-19).pdf
Nieman Road Construction Schedule (as of 5-7-19).pdf
Nieman Road curb placement.jpeg
Nieman Road Driveway replacement.jpeg
Nieman Road Storm Sewer demo.jpeg
Project Images
File Name
3427 - 55th and Nieman Waterline work 1.jpeg
3427 - 55th and Nieman Waterline work 2.jpeg
3427 - 55th and Nieman Waterline work 3.jpeg
3427 Black and McDonald 3.jpg
3427 Black and McDonald1.jpeg