67th Street and Quivira Road Traffic Signal Replacement
Name 67th Street and Quivira Road Traffic Signal Replacement
Date Updated 08-04-2021
Contact Kevin Manning
Project Status Construction
Description The existing traffic signal at the 67th Street and Quivira Road intersection is nearing the end of its functional life and needs to be replaced with a new traffic signal. The new traffic signal will include the following items at a minimum: traffic control cabinet, signal uprights and mast arms, traffic signal and pedestrian heads, cable and conduit system, fiber interconnect, and curb ramps. The existing traffic signal will remain operational throughout construction and will be removed once construction
of the new traffic signal is complete. No geometric improvements at the intersection are anticipated, with the exception of curb ramp and sidewalk improvements in the immediate vicinity of the intersection to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. 
Status Details Final plans are complete and have been approved by the Governing Body.  Total Electric was selected as the project contractor.

1. January 25th- Final Plans to City Council
2. April 2021- Construction Begins
3. August 2021- Construction Completed
Contact Phone 913-742-6280
Contact Email kmanning@cityofshawnee.org
This Is a City Project
Number 3503
This Is a Capital Improvement Project
Project Category Street Improvements
Design Firm Affinis
Construction Contract Total Electric
Inspection Firm N/A
Start Date 02-25-2020
Estimated End Date 08-16-2021
Budget Information
As of Sep 7 2021
Current Budget $419,449.50
Current Commitments $418,435.72
Paid-to-Date $170,538.00
Percentage Paid 40%
Project Files
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67th_Quivira Final RFQ_advertise.pdf
2021_01_06_67TH_QUIVIRA_BID SET_Signed.pdf
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