Monticello Road (Phase 1 & 2) 
Name Monticello Road (Phase 1 & 2) 
Date Updated 06-17-2022
Contact Cody Wilbers, P.E.
Project Status Construction
Description Reconstruction and widening of Monticello Road, from 7900 Block to Shawnee Mission Parkway.  This will include new pavement, curb, sidewalk on one side, recreational trail on the other, street lights, on-street bicycle lanes, pavement markings, storm sewer facilities, signing and other miscellaneous items of work.

This is a project that was put on hold in 2009 because of the economic downturn.  City staff has negotiated a contract with the engineering consultant (HNTB) to provide updates to the plans and specifications.  Miles Construction has completed Phase 1, while Emery Sapp and Sons commenced Phase 2 on February 28, 2022.
Status Details PHASE ONE
The Project has met Substantial Completion and Final Completion will be met when the City accepts the establishment of seed and sod.

Monticello Road, 71st Terrace to 7900 Block, has been awarded to Emery Sapp and Sons.  Construction commenced on February 28, 2022 with completion anticipated for Spring of 2023.  Current operations include mass grading and blasting and excavation for storm sewer installation.

Over the next several weeks, Monticello Road will be closed from just north of Monticello Springs Park to 75th Street.  The work is scheduled to be tied in and complete in this area by the time school starts in mid-August. 

Contact Phone 913-742-6234
Contact Email
This Is a City Project
Number 3489
This Is a Capital Improvement Project
Project Category Street Improvements
Design Firm HNTB
Construction Contract Emery Sapp and Sons
Inspection Firm HNTB
Start Date 02-28-2022
Estimated End Date 05-15-2023
Budget Information
As of Jun 2 2022
Current Budget $19,850,000.00
Current Commitments $18,959,595.18
Paid-to-Date $9,737,645.00
Percentage Paid 51%
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Monticello Road_Phase 2_Final Plans.pdf
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